Waves; The Internal Battle for Happiness

What is life if it doesn’t coalesce with the ebb and flow of  happiness and sadness? The two emotions hopelessly drawn together forever in our sentient minds; Like the electric touch of a magnet meeting it’s opposite. We as humans like to believe that happiness is our true goal in life, naively neglecting the fact […]

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Lets talk about closure

What exactly is it that you’re looking for? I suppose there’s many things we could be seeking answers for but sometimes, unfortunately we will never get the answers that we desire. Closure is only our brain’s attempt at trying to close the file on a case so to speak, whether solved or left open. Sometimes […]

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Love comes in many different forms as you all may know; It can be romantic, platonic, familial, a love towards an animal, or even inanimate. The power of love is literally limitless; we as humans can love anything and everything in the known universe. Our human brains are hardwired towards self-preservation and for more reasons […]


The Human Mask

Every day, all throughout life, so many of us wear masks; some of us to hide, others to fit in, and sometimes because we’ve worn it for so long that we’ve forgotten what is really underneath. Some of us ever so rarely let that mask slip because what lies beneath is our own genuine self […]

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