My Current Status: Struggling with the desire to return to drug use and my mental health

Hello Friends, It’s been a year now since I sought out on the path of ridding myself of my addictions and leading a sober life. Now it’s been a little over four months since I’ve freed myself of the hell that is benzodiazepine addiction. What a terrible year, something that I truly cannot put into […]

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Hello my long lost friends

It’s been a long time, my friends. I had the best of intentions to keep my website alive and the community active but unfortunately that isn’t how things turned out. I apologize for that. These last several years have been trying. My life has changed in so many ways; some for the better, but unfortunately […]

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False Alarm

My mind changes so much I can hardly trust myself.  I truly hate social media, and I suppose that’s why I wanted to delete what I had started. But my irrational urges to do so really had no connection with the page I created. I so strongly desire to live my life free of the […]

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Peaches Muhgee

Things get a little tense here at times. So here’s a little something to lighten the mood; I present to you Peaches Muhgee. I adopted her probably four months ago and registered her as my emotional support animal, but I think I’m more so her emotional support human! It’s not always easy to blog/manage my […]

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Happy Father’s Day

The last time I was here I had somebody very special with me. A love of my life; somebody to share the warmth of my bed. Somebody I intended to marry. This time it is only me (and my dog); Peaches Mughee, little bit of rhyme action there for you good folks. It’s lonely. I […]

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Hello, India!

It seems every day my website traffic through India outweights ever other country that views my blog, sometimes even leaves my home country in the dust. So just saying a big HELLO, INDIA!. This post doesn’t have a point really, just giving you guys a shout out! Thanks for reading; hope you are all doing […]

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Our Greatest Delusion

We humans seem to think of ourselves as permanent beings; infinite in the grand scheme of things. We interact so tangibly with life every day and go to bed every night thinking that there will always be another day. “Well, I didn’t get around to it today, I’ll get to it some other time.” Sound […]

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