It’s Just Life

Every day seems harder and harder. I’m so close to being done with my benzo taper but it’s become a tremendously difficult task at the end; It was like I could see the light, but now it seems farther away with every turn of the world. It’s been almost 8 months now and I can’t […]

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Take a Seat and Enjoy the Ride

For the longest time I lived my life stuck in my own head. My thoughts swirling around, zipping through my synapses; but they never left the place of their origin. I was so introverted that I let so many opportunities pass me by. So much life that I could have experienced, but didn’t because I […]

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Waking up at 5PM

This is a more personal post, I try to refrain from this but these last couple of days haven’t been the greatest. I tend not to dream a lot while sleeping but recently I’ve been dreaming more so than normal. I work a day shift job, 7AM to 5PM Monday through Friday and Friday morning […]

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