Signing Off

It’s been a while since I’ve made an entry here on my website and in turn Facebook and Twitter. Life has been rather difficult as of lately, but I’m truly trying to improve my current situation. I’m trying my best to work on my mental state and live the life that I want to lead.

My last couple years of life have been the most difficult and life changing years I’ve ever lived through; So much pain and mental unraveling. Life changing experiences that I wasn’t ready for and some that I didn’t desire. Regardless, it’s all in the past now and the present is all I have. Truly trying to live in the present is far easier said than done, but it’s the only thing that exists and matters in life. Our present moment breathes life to the future and the past through the choices we make and the path we walk.

I’ve decided to end this little experiment of trying to promote my website via social media, and also trying to help others along the way. I hope that I’ve helped at least one of you throughout the process but in reality I’m a fractured broken soul, taped together loosely by ambition and drive.  But, I suppose we’re all a little broken in our own ways.

To all of those that I’ve had the pleasure to meet and interact with on Facebook, it was a positive experience for me. Some of you have been so very supportive and kind, truly loving people and I appreciate it more than you know. To all of you, I truly wish you the best and you have my love always. I hope you all find your place and peace in this chaotic world.

I know that I haven’t been actively posting much for a long time, and I also haven’t been interacting in the community I created in hopes to offer a safe space for people to interact with others and work through their problems in a healthy manner.

I’ve made this decision because I am officially cutting the cord on social media all together. I need to focus on myself, and for me social media plays no role in that endeavour.

I will keep my personal website, so if you’d ever like to check up on my blog post’s you have the option to do so.

I’ll leave you with this: Be kind to yourself and others, this world is hard enough as is and love without the desire of reciprocating it is a very powerful thing. It can change an individuals day, or life. It is the one thing universal to all of us, we all just want to be loved. It can heal and mend wounds so deep and cut off from the world; It can save a lives. It can seep into the cracks of our broken hearts and minds to help piece us back together again.

My love to all of you, always. I’m signing off.

A Half Broken Mind


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