Man, Blogging Can Be Expensive; Enter Cell Phone Farming

When I first started my WordPress blog I had no idea that I would eventually aim to create a website and promote it in order to reach more people and attempt to form a community of support and love; All the while helping myself mentally in the process. But in order to do that there are two options; let your influence slowly grow over time (which can take years and years!) or advertise your content.

There are so many options to promote your website and try to create revenue; Ad Placements, search engine optimization through Google or Microsoft, post promotions through Facebook and Twitter, and etc. I had no idea!

When I first started trying to monetize my website I started with Google AdWords, which was relatively cheap. It falls into the category of search engine optimization and outside advertisements for a website. Then I got into promoting on Facebook and being naive to this whole process I didn’t realize how fast the charges would rack up. When I got hit with about a $500 bill from Facebook after two weeks of running promotions, needless to say I was a little caught off guard.

So far, with the slim following I have, monetizing my site through internal ad placement hasn’t really paid off (.08 for the month of May to be exact haha!). So promoting my grand goal (in my own mind I suppose) has been a little more expensive than I realized, but it is something that I want to do so it is worth it; I’m just realizing that I have to take it a little slower!

I was just so excited by the prospect of trying to help people and forming a sense of community that I let myself get a little carried away!

So my whole reason for telling you this is to show you a way that I’ve been using a hobby of mine to help fund my website/Facebook community. Anyone ever heard of cell phone farming? It’s a hobby that I got into a while back, probably about a year or so ago; But it is a way to make passive income. I used to use it to supplement my income because, well, why not; It seemed interesting and if other people are doing it, hell why shouldn’t I?

The basic concept is you buy cheap cell phones and tablets that have a minimum standard as far as the operating system goes, you install apps that mostly just play videos and advertisement’s in between the videos. The companies that own the apps then compensate you with some of the money that they are paid to show the ads. And boom, passive income. It’s definitely not a get rich quick scheme but it has earned me a decent amount of money so far and I’ve far surpassed my initial investment. Take a look at my setup:


This is a little older, so I’ve expanded my farm a bit since then but when I started it I never would have thought that I’d be putting it to good use others than stuffing a little more change in my pockets.

It’s a pretty fun hobby, and I usually earn anywhere from $40 to $100 a month doing it. Looking back now though, I’m glad that I decided to take the risk! Maybe I’ll expand it a bit more in the future to increase the extra money I can put towards promoting my personal website/Facebook page.

At this point I’ve almost racked up close to $1000 in Facebook charges, so I’m going to have to step away from promoting for a little while because that was an expense this month that I didn’t expect!

With that being said, to those of you that believe in this cause please share as much  content as you can! If you like it and think that others might too, give it a share! I honestly hate to ask that of you, but for right now until I get caught back up it is my main method of gaining exposure and growing the movement that I envision in my mind. Also if you’d like to learn more about cell phone farming just let me know, send me a private message or something.

Until next time, my love and best wishes to you all!

A Half Broken Mind


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