A Half Broken Mind; The man behind the mask and my “mission statement”

This is dedicated to all of my followers, especially those of which that follow me on Facebook. On Facebook, the same as my website, I have chose to be completely anonymous and only a few of my followers actually know who I really am, and that’s because I personally invited them to join my page when I created it. Although I choose to maintain my anonymity on Facebook this is just a brief description of who I am and also my so called “mission statement”, or otherwise the reason that I am doing this all in the first place.

I’m a 26, soon to be 27, year old man. I’m about 6 foot tall; have brown hair that hangs past my shoulders, a beard that is slightly kempt and rather large, and 6 tattoo’s all in places that can be hidden; My tattoos tell a great deal of my story in my own mind; I’ve thought about writing a blog entry about them sometime, we’ll see. I have lived in Tennessee for mostly all of my life, and intend to continue living here unless my work takes me elsewhere. I love to travel, I enjoy nature in all forms and try to get out and hike as much as possible, and I also have a Siberian Husky named Peaches Mughee; I adopted her about 4 months ago. Although with my current situation I haven’t been able to pursue much of my interest for quite some time. My website and managing my Facebook page consumes most of my free time these days; And I’m okay with that, it has become a passion of mine as well. I am currently single and rent an apartment in Nashville, TN. I have an excellent career; I work in the import and export industry as an operations manager for a domestic USA company which is owned by a multi-national logistics company.

Despite what may look to be a healthy functioning adult on the outside, on the inside I have struggled with anxiety and depression for a long time and only within the last two years sought help for my mental wellbeing. For the past 8 years I have been an addict and alcoholic. My drug of choice was opioids, of which I’ve been mostly clean from for about 3 years, but I’ve abused just about every drug under the sun. The one thing I can say is that I never put a needle in my arm; I knew that if I did there would be no coming back for me. Within the last two years, I also developed a very bad benzodiazepine addiction, and thus a A Half Broken Mind was born:

In the beginning I started journaling as a mental outlet; a way for me to focus my thoughts and come to terms with the issues that were haunting me. I wrote nearly every single thing I was thinking or experiencing down. I did this for months and it helped me tremendously to come to terms with my own existence.

But as I progressed with the help of my counselor, my private NPR-C, and my own self reflection through journaling; I decided to start this blog. In the beginning it was the same as my journal; a sounding board. And an attempt to maybe connect with others that were or had been through the same things that I was going through.

Now, I want to connect with people who are also struggling with the same mental issues and also with others that are afflicted by issues that I cannot relate with physically. But I believe we as humans can all relate on some level.

I want to help people. I want to let people know that they are not alone in this world, despite how isolated we can sometimes feel. I believe in Humanity and have a love for most every human on this planet.

From the bottom of my heart, and running through every synapses of my brain, I love you whether you believe it or not; Even if you feel that no one does, I am here for you. You just have to find me and I’m actively trying to find you by boosting my post’s on facebook as much as I can.

I will gladly talk to you, or just listen if that is what you need. I have now dedicated this blog to helping others; whether it be by showing people what addiction can do to a person, where mental neglect can lead you, offering advice based on my own personal experiences, and so on.

I’ve also created a community sub-group of my facebook page and I hope to grow this greatly in the coming time. I truly want this to be the focus of my Facebook page; I want to create a community where people struggling with any and all mental afflictions or drug addiction issues can interact, help, teach, learn, support, and love one another.

This slice of the internet that I have bought and paid for is dedicated to all of you. Thank you for being apart of what I am trying to do.

My Love and best wishes to you all, always.

A Half Broken Mind


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