To All My Facebook Followers

First of all, this post is primarily dedicated to the Facebook page that I recently created. So far it has done very well, far better than I was expecting, and I am so thankful for all of you that have liked my page and interacted on it whether through private conversations or by  commenting for the public to see.

To be quite honest for the longest time I really didn’t like Facebook and up until I started this page, I had it deactivated. I felt like is was just such a self-serving, egotistical platform filled with negativity and false information; And I just didn’t have room for that in my life. But that all changed when I started my Facebook page, my view changed, I realized that maybe I could actually help some people; or at least warn them of what can happen if you don’t get your life and especially your mental health under control.

If you haven’t read my full blog, the actual website where this is coming from, you wouldn’t know that I didn’t originally start out with the goal of helping others; My goal was to help myself. I was in a very dark spot with a horrible addiction; I’m honestly lucky to be alive I think. But through counseling, seeing a private NPR-C to assist with my tapering program, and blogging I’ve come to terms with so many things in my life that I never thought I would be able to.

I’m finally on the right medication for my depression and anxiety, I know it because I can feel it working; I still have a long ways to go but I feel better mentally than I ever have before. My taper is now down to a legally prescribed one, which was a major mile marker for me throughout this process and my tapering drugs have also been changed. Instead of taking diclazepam ( A research chemical) and diazepam in conjunction, I now take lorazepam and pregabalin 3 times throughout the course of my day.

I can feel the seemingly impenetrable dark cloud that has followed me for so many years finally dissipating. In my search for recovery, I’ve found a new goal of trying to help others as well. I’ve dealt with depression and anxiety for nearly half my life and drug addiction and alcoholism for roughly the last eight years. I want people to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and you can emerge from the tunnel on the other side; all you have to do is want it.

I didn’t realize this but by linking my WordPress account with my Facebook account it has combined my followers and I’m now up to  238 followers in a rather short time period! I only created my wordpress account maybe two months ago and the facebook page about a week ago. On the facebook page alone I have 175 people who like my page and 183 that follow it. Much of this was due to the fact that I was boosting my posts and followers and likes were rolling in left and right; what I didn’t realize was how expensive that would add up to be. Needless to say after getting hit without about $500 in fee’s from facebook for my page boosts in a week, I had to pause some of them. I still run a few promotions, but I didn’t expect the charges to accrue so fast and $500 is almost half my rent; so I had to slow my roll a little.

So my friends, I ask of you a simple favor, whatever content that you like on my Facebook page or blog; please share it! I want to reach more people, it’s almost not even a want anymore, I feel like I need to! I just simply don’t have the funds at the moment. Here soon when I recover from the unexpected costs, I will begin to boosts my posts again. But until then I hope you all can help me as much as possible to reach more people.

I truly want to build a following of people who are struggling in their lives and give them an opportunity to talk to others, learn, experience things from  different perspectives, and hopefully be able to take something away from their time spent on my page. This is also why I created a sub group of my page, or a community so to speak for people to meet other people that suffer from the same afflictions. I’m not sure the proper Facebook terminology for it, I think it’s called a community. And if you’d like, please do join, the more the merrier!

Since I was a child I always knew that I wanted to help people, as a teenager it morphed more into saving humanity, a lofty goal I know, which lead to me becoming very jaded towards society and the world as a whole. But now, this little slice of the internet is mine, bought and paid for, and I want to use it to do good for anyone in need, even if they just need somebody to listen to them.

As always, my love and best wishes to you all,

A Half Broken Mind



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