Current Update: Everything I’ve been doing is finally paying off

I just recently visited the private NPR-C whom I’ve been seeing to assist with my benzodiazepine taper and also with really my entire mental wellbeing. It was a great visit. We made some medication changes and I am finally on a taper dosage that can legally be prescribed. No more research chemical benzo’s for me!

This is a huge step for me because when I initially started my taper roughly 6 months ago I was only able to obtain a research chemical to utilize until I could find a medical professional willing to help. Then roughly four months ago I finally found an NPR-C that agreed to assist with my taper program. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again; She has been my saving grace throughout this entire process.

After I met her she prescribed me Valium to assist with my taper but because of the legality of scheduled drugs: She was only allowed to prescribe me 120 – 10 mg pills a month. I started my taper at the equivalency of 120 mg’s of Valium daily with Diclazepam which is basically Valium with  ten times the potency; so I was taking 12 mg’s of this research chemical daily in the beginning to keep withdrawals minimal.

By the time I met her I was down to the equivalency of 90 mg’s of Valium per day; So needless to say, she wasn’t able to prescribe even half of what I needed at the time in order to fulfill the requirements of my taper. But she prescribed me it to ensure that at least some of what I was taking was FDA approved, and I would know exactly what I was getting in each pill; And with the long-term goal of transitioning me into a completely legally prescribed taper. On my first visit she also had me take a DNA assay that came back to show that Valium and Diclazepam weren’t the best benzodiazepines for me to be taking for a taper because I have a mutation on the primary enzyme  respnsible for it’s metabolization in my body. That mutation causes my body to metabolize it at a much faster rate than most other people, which means I require higher doses of it to reach to same effect as most others; And it doesn’t stay in my system as long as it should; The DNA assay also showed that SSRI’s were not tolerated by my body at all, and I was taking an SSRI when I originally met her. So on my second visit she switched me from the SSRI I was taking to an SNRI that my body tolerates well with no adverse side effects, but we continued on with Valium as an addition to my tapering regimen.

On this last visit I was down to the equivalency of 50 mg’s Valium daily! That is pretty substantial progress when tapering off of benzo’s.

I had been thinking about changing which benzo I was using for quite some time after my last visit and also about adding on another medication to assist as well. So during my most recent visit I talked to her about this. I’m now prescribed Lorazepam, or Ativan, at the equivalency of 6 mg’s daily and Pregabalin, or Lyrica, which is most commonly prescribed for neuropathic pain related disorders but it has almost the perfect characteristics to assist with a benzo taper.

I won’t go into all of that now because this post is already longer than I had intended for it to be; Maybe I’ll discuss Lyrica’s potential efficacy and scientific mechanism in assisting with benzodiazepine dependence and tapering in another blog entry.

Basically, I’m finally on a legally prescribed taper. No more Diclazepam for me! I can’t be happier. This is a major mile marker on the road I’ve been travelling. It feels like driving a 1000 miles and then finally seeing a sign on the interstate for your destination showing you that you’re almost there.

This has been one of the hardest experiences I’ve ever been through in my life, both mentally and physically, but I know that it will be so worth it in the end.

A new life awaits me, not in the physical realm but within my mind. I am finally getting the help that I needed, I can feel it working, and I couldn’t be happier right now.

My Love and best wishes to you all, always!

A Half Broken Mind

P.S. If you made it this far, thanks for reading my extremely boring post.


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