Closer and Closer to My Goal; An update on my benzo recovery and asking for advice

This coming week on Wednesday the 20th I go back to my NPR-C after two months of not seeing her. She has allowed me the freedom to manage my taper on my own without restraints; and to this point it has paid off. The last time I posted an entry regarding my progress was on May 17th and I was taking the equivalency of 55 MG’s of Valium daily. At this point I’m only down by 5 MG’s in a little less than a month.

It isn’t great progress, or at least not the progress which I was hoping for by the next time I visited my NPR-C, but it is progress at least. You see, when I first visited her she prescribed me 120, 10 MG Valiums a month to assist with my taper and for the purpose of eventually transitioning my taper to strictly Valium; Not a combination of Diclazepam and Valium. And at this time she told me that this is the most valium she can legally prescribe to anyone per month and was also the largest quantity that she had ever personally prescribed.

I also had a DNA ASSAY taken during my first visit, and that assay came back to show that my body metabolizes Valium at a much faster rate than what most people’s bodies do. I’m thinking of talking to her about switching to another benzo to complete out my taper, something she suggested on my last visit. At the time, I felt the Valium was working fine and didn’t really consider her offer; But this 50 MG barrier has been hard to break. I think I may need to switch. My DNA assay came back to show that my body tolerates Lorazepam (Ativan) without any issues. This is what I’m thinking about talking to her about switching to.

I’ve been very busy lately and haven’t really had the time to research Lorazepam for this usage yet; but I intend to tonight as I’m currently on vacation for 9 days as of several hours ago.

If anybody has any experience with using Ativan to taper, or any personal opinions on the matter in general; Please feel free to comment or private message me at I’d really like some insight from anyone whom has used the drug for tapering and also in general because I’ve never personally taken it.

Any advice or personal insight would be truly appreciated.


A Half Broken Mind



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