Lets talk about closure

What exactly is it that you’re looking for? I suppose there’s many things we could be seeking answers for but sometimes, unfortunately we will never get the answers that we desire. Closure is only our brain’s attempt at trying to close the file on a case so to speak, whether solved or left open. Sometimes we don’t get to, or need to understand the circumstances behind an event. Sometimes we just have to let go.

I suppose we all seek answers for the matters that directly affect us, hurt us; why a family member got sick, the loss of a loved one, the pain of a dagger stuck in your back from someone you trusted.

I understand that closure is easier said than done. I’ve sought closure in many aspects of my life; Everything from my best friend putting a dagger through my heart, the loss of loved ones, my own regrets of what I should have been and what I am, and heart-break that I thought was true.

The fact of the matter is that closure is only a perception to serve our own ego. Closure is not a real emotion; its like a detective trying to close a cold case, sometimes it just doesn’t happen. You have to provide your own closure.

Life is a fucked up journey and I apologize for the language, but it’s the truth. Life will try you and test you in every aspect possible, and if you feel like it hasn’t then this post isn’t for you. Life is unpredictable, time is fluid, and our lives are irrelevant. Our only saving grace from our regrets or pain is the ability to close the mental door to our afflictions.

We all live lives unique and diverse from one another, but closure is something that we all require. No matter where you come from, there is something that you wish you had the answers for; Maybe you leave it up to a higher power and decide to get your closure through those means. And that’s okay. As long as you get closure.

But sometimes, you won’t get closure; much of life is left up to the cosmic roll of the dice in my opinion. Sometimes we get fucked over, we hurt, and we seek refuge in our own minds; seeking closure.

Closure isn’t always obtainable though. Many things in life don’t have answers, and if you’re seeking them from another individual; good luck.. I’ve been there, sometimes an apology doesn’t provide closure; it only reinforces the belief in who you can trust.

Sometimes closure is something that we have to deal with on our own terms. We have to close that door on our own; come to terms with the fact that life is sporadic, and unpredictable by nature. Don’t eat the key, destroy it; and move on with your life.


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