Perspective And How It Can Change The World

The abilities that we as humans possess cognitively is simply staggering if you really sit back and look at the reality of our existences. We are ever evolving and continuously fluid in all aspects of our lives. However, we all fall prey to looking at the world from a linear point of view at times; some of us only ever look at the world based on their own existence, their perspective.

You see, we all perceive life and our individual experiences in different ways; from different points of view. At the current time our way of looking at all aspects of life is a direct derivative of all of our past experiences. Our past experiences and memories create the metaphorical glasses that we view the world through and unfortunately some people only view the world through their own lenses, so to speak.

My point is that I may perceive [insert experience here] differently than how you may view it. This relates to all aspects of our life because it determines how we interact with everything around us, whether through interactions with people, personal opinions, judgements involving anything that can be judged (which is basically everything), and etc.

It’s extremely hard to view the world from a perspective other than our own but it is possible; some people are more intuitive to it by being predisposed to be empathic. People whom feel a strong sense of empathy for people are using not just their perspective, but also trying to put themselves in the shoes of another person and view [insert event] in the manner in which other people are perceiving it.

I feel like the ability to truly put perspective to work in our daily lives is vital to our evolution and could truly help to increase the quality of life in this world. If more people tried to empathize with others and see things from their point of view I believe the world would have far less fear, hate, and separation; It’s a step towards unifying our species.

Most people only fear others because they don’t try to see things from the other side looking in. We all have our own path in life; But the one thing nearly all humans have in common is the desire to be satisfied and happy. The desire to live a fulfilling life is one of the primary driving forces for all of us just to get out of bed in the morning.

Through empathy and sonder, we can help to mend this broken world.

My love and best wishes to you all.


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