Life And Death

It’s an indescribable feeling, more so an emotion; a lesson in reality. One day you can be talking to a person, say goodbye, and the next day you may never get to formally say goodbye. I mean formally as in the aspect of actually saying goodbye; Rest easy my friend.

We are here and then we’re gone, we were never guaranteed a timeline. Despite our ego’s our lives are so fragile, so limited. I’ve loved, and I’ve lost; the same as all of you.

But there’s a difference in expecting a death and being surprised with one that shouldn’t be a surprise by a phone call. The reality is that we don’t get to choose, we have no say in the matter. In the past 10 years I’ve experienced quite a bit of death; The hardest of which have hit home when they are unexpected.

Sometimes we don’t get the opportunity to say goodbye before a life departs our world, and it hurts; it hurts tremendously. Theres a difference in expecting a death and being caught off guard. The ones from out of the blue hurt the most, and frankly I’m tired of saying goodbye to my friends in an improper manner.

It doesn’t leave much room for reclamation.

This is dedicated to many of my friends; and I’ll leave you with one of the most recently departed:

If there is a plane after this life I hope to see you there, Dippy.


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