Imagine – John Lennon, the cover by A Perfect Circle

“Imagine”, the song, was originally written and vocalized by John Lennon as a solo project. It encouraged listeners to imagine a world undivided by all the things that have and always will divide humanity; religion, ideals, culture, fictionary boundaries, and etc. On down the road, A Perfect Circle picked up the song and decided to give it a cover. In much the same way that “Hurt”,(Nine Inch Nails), was composed and produced but by Trent Reznor but ultimately covered by Johnny Cash; and many people agree, this song was destined for Johnny, even Trent himself believes so. And many people don’t know that this song was actually a cover.

I remain a purist on this one. Johnny Cash’s version is excellent, but “Hurt” is and will forever be Trent Reznor for me. I can’t help myself but insert this song as well in this post; it strikes a chord with me. And if you haven’t heard it, I think you should.

Back to the topic, in my opinion, A Perfect Circle was destined to take John Lennon’s song to the next level, and bring its relevancy back to the current generation.


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