Meet Peaches Muhgee: My emotional support animal

If you’ve followed my blog any you know that this past year hasn’t been the best for me; especially this last 6 months. I’ve always struggled with depression, anxiety, and my greatest task of living a sober life; but I was crushed when my relationship ended due to my addictions.

When my significant other and I broke up I was heartbroken; I felt so lost, literally like I had lost half of my life. And I knew there was no way to reclaim it due to the circumstances which led to our departure from each others lives. I felt so alone at one of the deepest lows in my life to date and at the same time one of my friends had recently began fostering a dog named Peaches through a local animal rescue agency.

My friends being as close to me as they were knew what I was going through, and asked if I wanted to adopt her. I was skeptical at first, especially considering she is a husky and isn’t a puppy, but I did because something inside me knew that I needed something there with me to help me through this time.


I made the right choice; she took to me so much faster than I would have expected. From what I’ve gathered through my friends and their interactions with the rescue agency, she hadn’t been given the life she deserved and also needed somebody to love.


She can be the most hard-headed, stubborn, curious dog in the world due to her breed, but she is so smart, loving, and a joy to be around; Needless to say, I love her despite her flaws and she reciprocates that love in return.


She can be rather high maintenance at times, but it’s all worth it in the end.

If you are an animal person and struggle with loneliness, feelings of isolation, and depression I’d highly recommend adopting a dog. If you love them and give them the life they deserve, they will be there for you at any time, every time; Whether you just need the company or a furry companion to lick the tears off your cheek.

For me, she has been a saving grace. I don’t know where I would be without her, but I do know that I would feel so alone.


Oh, and Peaches wouldn’t have been my first choice name for her, but she is between two and a half years old and three so she is pretty acclimated to it. I decided to just leave it be and I’ve actually grown quite fond of it at this point, but when I registered her as my emotional support animal I added a little bit of my own personal twist. My loving companion; Peaches Muhgee.



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