Memorial Day; A day to honor but also remember HUMANITY

I don’t really buy into the whole idea and just can’t fully get behind it. Don’t get me wrong, I have respect for our armed service members; those with us and those no longer, but I think there should be a deeper and more broad aspect to the holiday.

Memorial Day is an American holiday dedicated to honor the people whom died in the country’s armed forces; Many people dedicate the holiday to what it is actually intended for, honoring lost service members, but a majority of Americans know it as a day off work with copious alcohol consumption and barbecues. Regardless, it is a day dedicated to honor those whom are no longer with us. Many of you likely know this already.

I don’t like to view the world as a divided thing, despite the fact that it is; I believe that we are all one. Our world is so segmented, divided, and our people pitted against each other for so many reasons, but most of these differences are all derived from imaginary borders or ideals.

We as humans are trained to be Nationalistic and culturally dedicated, but it causes so much pain to the world. The imaginary lines that segment us only serve the purpose of dividing us. There is good in all of the world and there is bad, many good people along with bad people die due to war and I think Memorial Day should be dedicated to all of those good people; regardless of their nationality or culture.

I don’t view the world with much nationalism and I don’t believe in religion; I believe in Humanity. And I know there’s no way we can fix this broken world, there are just too many facets to the problem. But when I look at the world I don’t see borders, I see people; For the most part all living theirs lives in the pursuit of happiness, in whatever that may be.

I wish more people felt this way, truly believed that we as a whole are all in this together; not just one country, culture, or religion. Harmony amongst the world will forever be our one shot at salvation for all of humanity. It’s a lofty and nearly impossible thought, I know, but this is our only planet and we as humans are all the same by nature.

From up here, there aren’t any borders; Just one planet, one human race.



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