It isn’t failure unless you stay down

No human alive will escape failure. It is essential in creating the person that we are; our failures are only weaknesses if we allow them to be. We have a plethora of choices to make in life and some of them will lead to failure, others to progress; Regardless, neither is permanent, they are etched on our character and determine the person that we become.

Most of us have a desire to succeed, and along that path we will ultimately fall more times than we can count; And if you aren’t, then you aren’t taking enough steps. What matters is the manner in which we perceive our shortcomings; As defeats or stepping-stones. And the most crucial part of this is learning to pick ourselves up on our own. Our failures are not defeats, only momentary errors bearing the gift of insight. The insight to improve ourselves and build our character.

No succesful person has ever made it to where they currently are without failure. It is essential to our growth as humans; And success is not the final goal, it is just apart of the path to our own personal satisfaction.



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