Love: Such a tangible but finite emotion

“Love is never-ending”; But it is,

The act of loving another human can be compromised, whether we choose to believe it or not. Our actions dictate the love that we deserve, and if we fall short on the prior; We don’t deserve the love.

Love is such a difficult emotion to describe. Whether it’s currently romantic, romantic in nature but lacking the title, or love for a loved one; the feeling is only tangible as long as it is reciprocated. We can carry a love inside ourselves for an individual until the end of time, but that doesn’t mean that it will ever be returned.

Love is a hard thing to manage. We don’t get to choose whom we love, and whether or not it’s reciprocal.

All we can do is love, without reason; without a desire to be loved in return. Our empathy, and thus love, is our greatest strength. I won’t be cliché, but love cannot be obtained without reason.

Don’t be plastic. Love with your entire being; and the world will love you in return.


6 thoughts on “Love: Such a tangible but finite emotion

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