So, Life goes on

We as humans are so cognitively predisposed to view time as a tangible thing, whether in the present or our pasts. We all too often grip so strongly to the past as if it actually physically exists, all the while letting so much of the present slip by us unseen and unnoticed. But time and the timeline in which we perceive our existences are two separate things. Our own experience of time is only a perception derived from our own cognizance, and then impressed upon our memories as fact. On the other hand, time is continuously moving with or without us. It is fluid and never-ending; and when it’s all said and done, it doesn’t need our presence to exist. In all our naivety we track time on clocks as if it’s actually a measurable force.

If this interests you, please read my full blog entry linked below in which I try to incorporate this pattern of perceiving life into my recovery.

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