And So Life Goes On

We as humans are so cognitively predisposed to view time as a tangible thing, whether in the present or our pasts. We all too often grip so strongly to the past as if it actually physically exists, all the while letting so much of the present slip by us unseen and unnoticed. But time and the timeline in which we perceive our existences are two separate things. Our own experience of time is only a perception derived from our own cognizance, and then impressed upon our memories as fact. On the other hand, time is continuously moving with or without us. It is fluid and never-ending; and when it’s all said and done, it doesn’t need our presence to exist. In all our naivety we track time on clocks as if it’s actually a measurable force.

The evolution of a person is a direct impression of his past; the total summation of all our experiences and interactions intertwined to form our own mental projection on the world we presently interact with. We all cling to our past, as if it still exists in some reality, but it is only an imprint on our own brains; it’s something that cannot and will no longer exist. It lives on only through our present being.

The past, present, and future; three terms we use to describe points in time. Yet, only one of those terms truly exists, and even it only exists for a fleeting moment. Our present is continually becoming our past faster than our brains can process and the future thus becomes the present.

Unfortunately many people, myself included, have fallen into the cycle of living our lives in the past, all the while letting the world spin around us. Losing our present by trying to regain something that is no longer tangible. It can be a vicious cycle if allowed to take reign over our brains.

You’ve heard it said many times before, I’m sure, “and life goes on.” This seemingly cliché saying holds more clout than we tend to realize, or at least more than I realized. The simple fact is that life does go on, whether you want it to or not. Yet so many people get hung up on this idea. Like returning home to a place that was once just a simple lonely road, with fields and trees dispersed at random to find that it has all been torn down and replaced by homes and concrete. It can be painful to physically experience life change beyond our control; but it will change, no matter how hard we resist. And thus, life goes on with or without us.

We have to learn to live in the world with this realization. The past is only an impression that served to create who we are and determine how we interact with our present. Living life for today and for the future is the only way to break the cycle of continuous rumination.

By taking control of our present, we give ourselves the ability to create the future that one day we will presently experience throughout our own individual timelines. If done with a positive and determined mindset, hopefully our experience will be a joyful one and our futures will be satisfying.


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