They say it’s never too late

It’s never too late; if you ask them they’ll most likely tell you, “It’s never too late”. In some aspects I suppose they’re right. I have the choice to make changes now that will impact my life for the better; such as living a healthier lifestyle now in order to set myself up for having a healthier life in the future with a longer life expectancy.

But unfortunately, I don’t believe that old adage holds true to the test of time under all circumstances. Sometimes in life we do miss opportunities and ultimately it is simply too late. Now whether those missed opportunities would have been for the better or worse for a person, well that’s an entirely different discussion. To spare you of the circle jerking and lowly attempts at bringing about philosophical thought, sometimes it is just simply too late.

We as children are brought up in this world surrounded and being bombarded by the presumptuous ideas that everything will always work out in the end and it’ll never be too late. Like the man running through the airport to catch the woman of his dreams before she boards the plane. At the last moment he yells her name, pronounces his love, and thus the story goes on. Sadly, and I think more often than not, she boards the plane and flies away never to be seen again. Then we’re just left with the man standing in the airport looking anxiously for what is no longer there.

Whether or not that man’s hopeful attempt at catching the woman of his dreams but failing to do so will ultimately be better off for him or not in the end is irrelevant. Sometimes we just miss the boat.

I try to apply this method of viewing the world to my daily life as much as I possibly can.  On the surface, it seems rather bleak but that is not my intention. More so, I’m alluding to the fact that our past is exactly that, a part of our memory that ceases to physically exist. It only lives on in our memories, driven by our perceptions. My past is irrelevant and all that matters is the present moment that I’m in. The only truly tangible thing in life is our ability to control our perceptions of our current reality. Yes, I made a lot of mistakes in my past. It led to multiple heartbreaks, drug addiction,  and many lost opportunities; but in the end all of those things are irrelevant.

You see, I’ve always had the propensity for rumination; tearing myself apart about things that I can’t change, essentially living my life as a reflection of my past. Continual blame for my wrong doings and erroneous errors. For quite sometime, especially when I wasn’t high, the past was my only present. I never gave myself an opportunity to have a future because I was always living in the mindset of what could have been and not what could be.

Upon the path of self reflection, that has been one of my most important takeaways. We will never get back what we lost or be able to change where we currently are. Everything we’ve done up until this point has led us to exactly where we are. The past is just a fleeting moment, as is every second of our lives. Until we make the choice to live in our own mistakes and admit our wrong doings, revel in what we are and where it has taken us, until then we can never move forward in life.

The point I’m trying to make, is that only by living in the present can we manifest the future that we desire. Don’t forget the past but use it as fuel for living in the present; the past lives only in our thoughts, and it’s only purpose is to teach us the lesson’s that we need to learn in order to unlock the potential of what we can truly be. But only if we live in the moment, and look forward to the future with bright eyes.

That may seem quite the daunting task, and it is. Life is by no means easy, and the reality is that it isn’t supposed to be. I guarantee you that you will fall down more times than you’ll ever be lifted up, but that is what makes us stronger than we were before.

Recovery, whether its from addictions, depression, anxiety, or whatever ailments you may have, isn’t about coming out the same on the other side but without the weight of whatever you were carrying; it is about coming out the other side better and stronger for having gone through it.

Be kind to yourself and the world around you, life is hard enough as is and negativity is abundant.

Until next time, my love and best wishes to you all.



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